Click on the "Cleaning Check List" below to view what a basic cleaning covers.  Feel free to customize your cleaning anyway you want. 

Cleaning Check List

Our employees are chosen very selectively.  It takes many applicants to find the one that stands out.  All of our cleaners must have at least 2 years of prior cleaning experience and a great track record for dependability and punctuality, they must also be extremely detail oriented before we even consider them for employment.  The majority of our cleaners have been with our company for over 5 years! 

Our cleaners pay is based on their cleaning performance and attendance, therefore, they always put 100% into their work.  With this unique compensation policy it has proven to create terrific cleaners and loyal satisfied clients.

To eliminate the burden of training in a new cleaner at every cleaning session, we always have the same cleaner come to your home. We feel this helps create a trusting, almost family like relationship with your cleaner.  Many of our clients and cleaners have formed bonds of friendship that go beyond just a client/employee relationship.